Civil Works

Site Aquisition
Tower Foundation
, Fencing & Rigging
Construction of Plinths for Equipment Shelter, Generator and AVRs


Network Planning & Optimisation

Site Surveys & Acquisition
Site Audits
Network Planning and Optimization
Drive Testing
LOS surveys
LOS simulations
Radio and Transmission planning

Fibre Implementation Services & Products

Trenching & laying of optical fiber cables
Aerial Fiber Installation and Splicing
Installation of FDT/FAT/ODF
Construction of Manholes
Cable Link OTDR Testing and Commissioning
Provisioning of as built documents


mSurvey Application for Project Delivery

An Android based app to help customers efficently manage tasks and reporting in real time


Over 10 years + in Network Solutions

Luna Technologies (Pvt) Ltd was established in 2009 and has branches in Malawi,  Zambia &  RSA.

We are a specialized Network Implementation Services and Support Services provider with a main focus is in Network Roll-out Projects specialised in LTE/GSM/WCDMA, Network Operators as well as Fixed line Network Operators. Our main clients are Network Operators and Equipment Vendors involved with launching new services and maintaining existing operations. 

We also specialise in ICT Products and Services.


ICT Products & Services

Software upgrades of GSM Routers
Data Centre/Core Network Installation and Commissioning
Onsite Server upgrade support
Local Area Networks Installation
Virtual private Networks (LAN Switches, Hubs and Routers)
Supply of ICT products


GSM Equipment & Installation & Commisioning

BTS Installation and Power supplies Equipment Parameter Setting, Configuration and Commissioning Antenna assembling /polarization, positioning and installation
Tilt angles and azimuth alignment.

We Are Offering All Kinds of Network Solutions Services


Telecom Site Monitoring

NOC site remote reporting dashboard Real-time alerts of site equipment/infrasture assets failure


Site Maintenance

Passive & Active Maintenances
Tower Maintenance (various types and heights)
Maintenance of Site alarms and Power failures
General Cabin repairs e.g. grounding and leakages


Power Reticulation

Generator installation & grounding Installations of Three Phase & Single Phase Power Systems Installation of Rectifiers, Batteries and AVR
Power distribution unit (PDU) installation checking automatic take –over after mains failure


Microwave Transmission Equipment Installation

Microwave antenna assembly
Connector and IF cable testing
Radio Installation, power-up, configuration and Link Alignment
Testing and Commissioning ( BER Testing) p,


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